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Dental Fillings Treatments in Lakewood Colorado

Dental Fillings Lakewood Colorado

Traditional fillings or dental restoratives are most often made of silver amalgam. The dental filling has durability and strength compared to the traditional dental material makes it useful for situations. When teeth are restored using filling can withstand extreme forces that result in chewing, biting either front or back teeth without causing any dental issues.

Newer dental filling such as plastic compounds and ceramic material can improve the appearance of natural teeth. The composite resins are used for the front teeth where a natural appearance is important, but the filling can also be used on back teeth depending on the location and extent of the tooth decay.

How is it suitable for me?

There are several factors that influence the durability, longevity, performance and dental filling expenses, which include:

  • The type of component used for dental filling
  • The structure of tooth to be replaced with filling
  • How and where the tooth needs filling
  • The biting pressure need to handle by filling tooth
  • The expense of filling is determined by the number of visits, length of duration for the treatment, and number of the tooth to be placed with filling

Before the treatment process starts, the dentist will discuss with you the type of filling options required and choose the right one that suitable for your needs. In preparation for this discussion, it is helpful to understand the types of dental fillings to be used for the candidate. There are two types of fillings called direct and indirect, but direct filling uses composite resin material whereas indirect filling requires inlays, onlays and other fabricated material.

On the first visit to our dental office, the cavity tooth is repaired and filled with the direct filling material. This may include glass ionomers, silver amalgam, composite filling, and resin ionomers. The cosmetic dentist prepares the tooth structure and applies the filling with a single appointment.

If the teeth are severely damaged, you may need indirect filling which takes more than two dental visits. The indirect filling includes inlays, onlays, metal filling, ceramic, and gold fabricated veneers can be used as the filling material. During the first dental visit, the dentist identifies the problem and takes the impression of the tooth to be restored and place with a temporary tooth over it. The impression is sent to the dental laboratory to fill the shape required. When the candidate makes the second visit to our dental practice, the tooth is restored with the material required to improve the appearance of natural-looking teeth.


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