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Emergency Dentist in Lakewood Colorado

Emergency Dentist Lakewood Colorado

If you're suffering from broken, chipped, cracked or dislodged tooth, you should never ignore. You need to take immediate action to alleviate your pain and discomfort level to reduce the risk of infection in your mouth.

At Dedicated Dentistry, Lakewood we offer same day appointment for our patients with dental emergencies. Our experienced team members and emergency dentist in Lakewood provide exceptional care to relieve the pain.

Best Dental Treatments With Emergency Dentist in Lakewood

Dental Abscess:

A dental abscess takes place with a simple tooth infection but quickly spreads causing a serious oral health problem. The most common causes of dental abscess are poor oral hygiene and health. Abscess continues to swell and pus causing severe pain. When the abscess ruptures you may experience a foul-smell or fluid coming out of the swollen area. You need to receive medical attention to prevent further spread of infection.

Cracked or Broken Teeth:

The teeth are strong, but sometimes fracture or break can cause severe pain. Fracture, crack or break can occur due to several reasons, but most commonly they are caused due to facial trauma, grinding and biting hard objects. Especially when the cracks are extended down into the root, the pain will be extreme. Consult the emergency dentist in Lakewood to avoid further complication.

Dental Bleeding:

If your teeth bleed due to a facial injury, you must seek the emergency dentist in Lakewood at the earliest to avoid further complications.

Loose Teeth:

When a tooth gets loosened or dislodged from its socket, you may still save the tooth as its attached to the blood vessels and nerves. Make an immediate appointment with our emergency dentist in Lakewood to save the tooth.

Lost Filling or Crowns:

While eating, if you experience discomfort on biting down, you may realize it is due to broken or loose filling. Don't put off to consult the emergency dentist. As the inner part of the tooth is delicate and extremely susceptible to oral bacteria and decay. Schedule an appointment with emergency dentist in Lakewood to prepare the cavity for new filling.

When the dental crowns in Lakewood gets loose while eating or on a hard bite and dropped out of the mouth. Keep the crown in a cool and safe place to carry in your next dental appointment so that there may be a possibility of reinserting it.

Visit Our Emergency Dentist in Lakewood

If you experience a dental emergency, don’t panic, seek a professional help immediately. Call our emergency dentist in Lakewood to help you reduce the discomfort.


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